Citizens Connected David Suzuki Foundation

Case Study

Improving site performance and Salesforce integration

Facing performance issues and slowdowns with the success of their Action tool, we helped improve capacity and speed of the site.



The success of the Citizens Connected tool caused performance issues and placed a lot of stress on the technology architecture and infrastructure. The platform was suffering considerable slowdowns — it couldn't handle enough concurrent users or scale to support large initiatives. It was also lacking vital Salesforce database integration needed to keep people informed about the action they had taken and further engage the Foundation’s audience. They needed to improve capacity and increase speed and performance — quickly.


We were brought in through a referral based on our expertise in performance improvement and Drupal module development. We upgraded the hosting infrastructure to improve capacity. We migrated hundreds of thousands of records into the Foundation’s Salesforce database for easier constituent management. We also identified critical performance bottlenecks and cleaned up the code in the Citizens Connected module, helping to bring the application into an open-source project on


Site performance improved immediately, Citizens Connected was fully integrated with Salesforce, and capacity improved to the point where the system could handle massively concurrent page requests and petitions. This gives the Foundation the ability to customize their communications and outreach work based on constituents' past activity and interests, and effectively merges and updates contact information and other constituent data to help identify highly engaged supporters. The new platform and database integration provides compelling analytics and results tracking, enabling the Foundation to measure their successes and meet their organizational goals.