Peacegeeks has a mission: they're working to give technological tools to organizations in developing and conflict-affected areas of the world to promote peace and human rights. They empower grassroots organizations and marginalized communities to strengthen peace, accountability and human rights at home through technology and public engagement projects.

Grassroots organizations don't have the time, capacity, and awareness of the tools that are available to them. On top of that, the work of these organizations is often shaped by donor agendas rather than their local needs. And people want to help them—students and professionals passionate about using their knowledge and skills to improve the world—but don't know how they can contribute more than money to those organizations that could best use their talents. 

Once Peacegeeks identified these problems, they set to work addressing them—by providing technical assistance to these grassroots groups, connecting volunteers to change makers to help them apply their technology, and helps the groups build core technical infrastructure support. And they do it all on a very limited budget.

Case Studies

  • Mapping connections for refugees and aid services